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The Make a Wish Come True program was started in 2016 as a way for the COAHP to give back to Lincoln-area seniors. The goal is to grant "wishes" to seniors. We encourage Lincolnites to submit nominations on behalf of a senior who is in need of a special favor. Please nominate someone you know and help create a wish come true.  Please use the form below to nominate an individual, and turn in your nomination to any COAHP Board Member. 

An example of past Wish Come True recipients have been concert tickets, special meals out, trips to visit family members, a night at the movies, etc. If you know of someone who could use a boost, or someone who has a special wish that the Coalition could help grant, please nominate them today! This is a donation-supported program, so if you or your organization is looking to give a donation to a good cause, this is certainly a worth one.  

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