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History of COAHP



In 1984 the Coalition for Older Adult Health Promotion was set up through the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department to promote positive health enhancing lifestyle choices and habits for older adults in this area. The Coalition membership has evolved over the years to include representatives from Home Health Agencies, Hospitals, Long Term Care Communities, Assisted Living and Independent Living Communities, Hospice Agencies, and numerous private citizens and organizations. 

The original purpose was to promote positive health enhancing lifestyle choices through education programs, services and resource coordination for all older residents of Lancaster County. The group objectives were as follows.

  1. To facilitate open communication among professionals and other concerned individuals who share an interest in the health and wellness of older adults.

  2. To support existing programs and services by assisting in the promotion of their activities.

  3. To stimulate the development of new services where the need is evident.

  4. Define standards and guidelines for quality health promotion programs for distribution to consumers and service providers.

In 1991, the following objectives were added:

  1. Share information about quality health promoting programs and activities within and outside the group.

  2. Participate in the planning and implementing of special events designed to enhance the health and wellness of older adults.

In 2001, the Purpose of the COAHP was redefined as: The Coalition's purpose is to facilitate opportunities to promote communication and coordination among providers by sharing information, and identifying services and needs which impact older adults in southeast Nebraska.

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