Current Legislative Updates Concerning Seniors and Senior Care


Multiple bills concerning prescriptions, tax relief, Broadband and expansion of services to be provided by physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Most bills are still in committee with committee hearings slated to end next week. Remember, a bill will be introduced on the floor, moved to committee, general file for first debate, enrollment and review for amendments and language, select file for second debate then final reading before advancing to the Governor for signature.

LB69: Caregiver Tax Credit introduced by Matt Hansen  Carryover bill

Provides a tax credit for those providing care to another in their home who are unable to care for themselves. Income based (<400% of poverty level Fiscal Note of $5, 850, 000


LB208: Broadband introduced by Walz


LB 255: SNAP Introduced by McCollister with 9 other Senators signed on. Carryover bill.

Allows working families to advance in employment and training for increased income without losing SNAP. Increases the gross income limit from 130% to 140% of FPL (Federal Poverty Level. General File  Fiscal Note of $289,000


LB306    Change provisions relating to good cause for voluntarily leaving employment under the Employment Security Law Introduced by Senator Crawford from Omaha

                Adds caring for a family member with a health condition to a reason for leaving their job and then qualifying for unemployment. Is on Final Reading Fiscal Note of $402,000  Also LB311 which would provide time off with partial wage for workers on unemployment insurance introduced by Crawford…on General File


LB314, 507, 508  Sales Tax changes all introduced by Senator Briese…eliminates sales tax on soda, bottled water, haircuts, auto repairs etc. Increased Revenues go to the Property Tax Relief Funds.  LB 710 introduced by Senator Cavanaugh also covers same topic and will have a hearing February 28th.


LB535: Redefines abuse under the Adult Protective Services Act Introduced by Senator Lynne Walz,


LB567: Prescription Drug Cost Transparency Act introduced by Senator Adam Morfeld, HHS Committee, Hearing February 13th     


LB730: introduced by Senator Lynne Walz authorizes a Nurse Practitioner to expand their scope of practice, benefiting many rural communities without access to physicians. Would be able to prescribe, order, administer and furnish therapeutic measures. LB 772 from Senator Williams also changes the scope of practice for Physician Assistants. Hearing was January 24th.


LB755: Introduced by Senator Carol Blood would allow barbers and cosmetologists to provide services in a home with a license. Hearing January 23 Is a priority bill


LB 760 Introduced by Senator Kolterman…Allows dermatologists to provide services by telehealth. On General File


LB847: Introduced by Senator Arch allows health care staff to affix an auxiliary label to medications in the facility where there has been a change in directions and references the authorized change to the MAR for the current order.

LB853: Introduced by Senator Williams Banking would authorize financial institutions to place a hold on certain customer transactions in cases of financial exploitation Opposition from Financial Institutions due to costs of training for staff and liability.


LB932: Introduced by Senator Wishart requires DHHS to start Medicaid Expansion regardless of the status of the 1115 waiver process on October 1, 2020. 


LB1138: Introduced by Senator Wishart establishes a dementia registry.