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Current Legislative Updates Concerning Seniors and Senior Care


Prepared by Robbie Nathan (robbie@bridgetobetterliving.com)

This is a short session, only 60 days, and will end April 18.

Bills were introduced the first ten days and we are now in the process of hearings and prioritizing bills.



LB439 has been placed on Select File. This  bill addresses nurses in Assisted Living Communities being allowed to practice within their scope.

Select File is the second stage at which a bill is considered by the full Legislature. Bells on Select File may be amended, returned to committee, indefinitely postponed or advanced to Final Reading.

There is a good chance it will be passed as there is a very small fiscal note and support from the legislature as well as many health organizations.

LB687 Introduced by Senator Blood of Papillion is still in committee and likely to stay there. This would allow APRNs to cross state lines with their licensure. It needs the approval of 10 states and only three have committed so far.

LB1004 Introduced by Lincoln Senator Bolz would end the study on Aging Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) and establish them as permanent entities. There is a large fiscal note for administration but forward projections indicate a long term savings. The web site was established in 2017 and has over 700K hits. There is no opposition and also a possibility of a Federal Match of 20-50%. Nebraska ranks 50th of 51 states in the ability of seniors to find and access information.

LB1066 introduced by Omaha Senator Murante still hoping to require voter I.D.  Most likely will not be a bi-partisan vote if it gets out of committee.

LR281CA from Lincoln Senator Morfeld is a proposed constitutional amendment to expand eligibility under Medicaid Expansion. Needing

Speaker Priority bills will be announced February 21. He is allowed 25 Priority Bills. Committees are allowed two and Senators one.

Full debate begins February 28.

Contact your senators.  Nebraskalegislature.gov


Bipartisan Budget Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump and repealed the introduced cap of PT,OT, ST..  Seniors would have been forced to pay out of pocket for services reaching a cost of $2010.

Expedited closing of the Medicare D donut hole to the year 2019.

Generic drugs are being added to the Part D discount.

Greater availability of telehealth

Additional SHIP funding for two years

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