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Current Legislative Updates Concerning Seniors and Senior Care


In 2020 look for legislation concerning not only property tax relief, but other topics impacting Seniors.

  1. Improved access to services and greater involvement of family caregivers

  2. Protections against a significant reduction in the numbers of individuals served or eligible to receive Medicaid or state funded Home and Community Based Services

  3. The possibility of expanding the services of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

  4. Enactment of telehealth laws

  5. Increased paid or unpaid family or sick leave

  6. Increase in respite services

  7. A limit on new programs funded by the Health Care Cash Fund

  8. More room for banks to alert involved parties of possible financial abuse

  9. More transparency in drug costs

  10. Capping the cost of more expensive drugs, such as insulin…this topic has bipartisan support and will be interesting to follow

  11. Medicaid Expansion, there may be more set backs

  12. Broadband expansion… tired of companies saying what they can’t do…now legislative representative was to know what they CAN do.

It will be a short (60 day) session so it will be questionable as to if all of these forecasted topics will be addressed. Just stay tuned…

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